Build Equity from Day One

Learn Smart Construction Site Staging

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Build Equity from Day One

"Smart Construction Site Staging" to build equity from day one of construction.

With all the excitement and moving parts of a construction project. The first day of construction building can be the best day of your project giving you fond memories while building equity.

Or it can be the worse day, creating a downward spiral effect on your entire project, the teams involved, and destroy your budget quickly. You will lose equity before you even start.

Staging a construction site in advance gives you the opportunity to start everyone in a great empowered context.

Consider the only person who loses when a project is not staged right from the start is the person paying. Don't expect anyone to do staging. Or even bring it up staging.

A great Construction Realtor protects their client and ensures the seemly minor details like parking, materials staging and storage, plus good old crew bathrooms are in place for everyone to win.

Construction Realtors create a Context where everyone wins.

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Morgan Mainz
Morgan Mainz

CEO Mainz Builders.

Morgan is a third-generation Builder, General Contractor. Mainz builders specialize in custom residential, commercial, remodels, buildings, and restaurants. Mainz construction portfolio spans from Hawaii and Santa Barbara to Indonesia. His know how includes entertainment production under the guidance of famed Roger Corman. Morgans a Paragon Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under World Champion Frangina Miller. He's also a world re-known extreme athlete in surfing, motocross, and professional volley ball player. Morgan is married 20 years with two children. Learn more at: Mainz Builders

*Below: Hope Ranch, CA. Custom Home Estate Built by Morgan Mainz Builders.

Hope Ranch, CA Custom Home Estate Built by Morgan Mainz Builders.

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